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Back in business, de Exide Istra Challenge!

26 september - 3 oktober

We hebben hem verschillende keren mogen verslaan, de Exide Istra Challenge. We hebben er alleen maar goede herinneringen aan over gehouden… Zonder meer één van de meest spraakmakende top evenementen die we bijgewoond hebben. In 2008 stopt organisator William Ukusic er helaas mee wegens drukke werkzaamheden. Dit jaar pakt hij de draad echter weer op. Hieronder zijn uitnodiging!

Dear followers and off-road lovers.

We are officially announcing that with the date of 26.09.2020. we are starting with the “Istria Challenge” race revival.
Istra Challenge 2002-2008 is a widely known race for old acquaintances and lovers of “Old school off road”.
From conversations with old friends and fans of the nineties off-road racing, we concluded that we all miss this kind of manifestation where the goal will be companionship, agritourism and good music and the way of achieving that is the race. A race should be just a good excuse for your wife to allow you a 7-day stay in the Croatian Forests.
We would like to see this race grow into a tradition in the future and gain international followers like some championship which we would call: “OLD SCHOOL OFF-ROAD” ( hereinafter called OSOR) and who would all have the same vehicle regulations – classes
The race itself is called “LIKA CHALLENGE” and it takes place in a deserted, sprawling hilly area inland of northern Dalmatia. Cities: Gracac, Lovinac, Mazin.

1. OSOR classes:

Let’s assume that the vehicle has 5 basic components:
1. body
2. frame
3. engine & drivetrain ( transmission and transfer case )
4. suspension
5. axles

1.1 Class: REGULAR

The vehicle must have all 5 original components.
Each of these 5 components may be performance improved separately but the configuration of the same must not be altered.
For example:
1. Jeep Wrangler has a short arm suspension, it can be raised 2, 3 or X “, but the configuration from” short arm “to” long arm “should not be changed. The arm brackets must be original on the axles, as well on the frame.
2. engine, diesel or turbo diesel: must be the same, original, but can be upgraded or modified: turbo charger, tuning…
3. Changing a 2.5D to a 4.2D Land cruiser is considered a component change.
4. Changing a Jeep diesel to a VW Golf Diesel or … is considered a component change.
5. Axle housing: The exterior must be original and the internal components may be upgraded or even exchanged like reinforced axle shafts, lockers, tube reinforcing …


The vehicle can have 2/5 exchanged components.
2 out of 5 vehicle components may be completely exchanged.
For example:
1. You may exchange the leaf spring system with a coil spring system
2. Replace the short arm suspension with a long arm
3. Use single long arms from Toyota, Nissan, LR or G-wagon onto other vehicles
4. swap the engine
5. swap the axle
6. swap the body
7. Swap the frame ( Disco onto Defender )
8. Exchange the wheel base distance ( bob tailed Disco or Extender Defender, Wranglers )
-Shortening the frame: in the front of front axle or behind the rear axle to reach better approach and departure angle is not exchanged frame but modified and belongs to the upper class: Regular.


2.1 TECHNICAL LIMITATIONS ( both classes ):
1. Max up to 35” tires
2. No TRACTOR or AGRICULTURAL TIRES ( only street legal tires )
3. Minimum 1 and up to 2 winches allowed
4. No PTO Winches
6. No cage covered cars ( no external cage allowed ). Just internal cage or Roll bar allowed, which do not interfere with the vehicle external body silhouette
7. No CAGE or TUBE CARS ( buggies or similar )
8. The vehicles must be ROAD LEGAL, with all the necessary components as lights, turn signal, side mirrors….

1. Beadlock systems allowed
2. Lockers allowed
3. Twin motor winches allowed
4. LED BARS allowed

Small explanation of some regulations:
• 2.1. pt. 6 – On some of our special stages, as a canyon road with boulders and trees, a Wrangler or G-wagon with a regular body will need at least 25 to 30 minutes to pass 300m of the special stage without damaging the body , while an external caged car will play FLIPPER between the obstacles and pass in a significantly shorter time without worrying about damaging the vehicle.
• 2.1. pt.7 – did not exist in the age of OSOR 😊


3.1. the race is concepted on a navigation type using a Road book, a Compass and a free-choice navigation system.
3.2. the official navigation format is .KMZ
3.3. the results are based on the collection of the marked flags – “Capture the flag”
3.4. The Roadbook and USB stick with daily flags will be delivered daily at the start of the day.
3.5. The ranking will depend on the number of flags collected, both daily and in the final ranking.
3.6. At the end of each day, aditional points (flags) will be awarded for the first 6 places, according to the system 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 flags relative to the position, where the 1st place gets 8 flags, the 2nd place gets 6 flags…
3.7. In case of two teams having the same number of flags won daily, the better team is the one with a better time.
3.8. on the final day, in the case of two teams with the same total number of flags, the better is the team that has less total running time.

It is allowed to form or join race groups that compete as one team.
For the sake of safety and because of the wild, vast and dangerous configuration of the terrain and the lack of the GSM network coverage, we are considering a team-building solution of at least 2 vehicles per team.
We will discuss this point further on and inform you in a timely manner. Any constructive suggestions on changes or additions to the Rules and Regulations are welcome.


26 september
3 oktober
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Istrië, Kroatië
Buzet, Kroatië


William Ukusic

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