Balkan Offroad Rally 2022 leg 3

The race moved to Alba Iulia for its final stages.

Leg 3 of Balkan Offroad Rally 2022 was in the day where the caravan moved to the second bivouac in Alba Iulia. There were be more than 300 kilometers in the menu, almost 200 of which – against the clock. Both categories – Cross-Country and Extreme – share the same route, and the participants faced the beauty of the region, with different type of terrains on their way and, more important, with very good weather. There were fast passages of gravel tracks, dirt roads and plenty of grass tracks along the big pastures. The day marked the half point of the race, so the things are getting more and more clear before the finish.

Like the two days before, in the bike class we saw similar names in the top 3. This time, the fastest biker was Matthew Grid (KTM) from South Africa who stole one and a half minute to Krzysztof Jarmuz (POL, KTM). Third time for the day managed to succeed Rob Van Vegchel from Nederland (KTM).

In the quad race, there was triple daily triumph for Poland and Polaris Racing Team Polska. The daily win was claimed by Adam Krysiak, who finished with good 9 and half minutes in front of Marcin Wilkolek. Wilkolek at his side, managed to steal just one second from Rafal Jawien to take the second place.

In the SSV class, Tomas Zaleckas (Can Am) from Lithuania was the fastest on the track, finishing with some 6 minutes advantage to Maciej Stolarski (Can Am) from Poland. Third for the day was Kris Maennama (Can Am) from Estonia, who arrived at the finish 10:37 minutes after the leader.

In the car class, Rients Hofstra (Nissan Proto) claimed his second stage victory and the Dutch is extending the time difference to Doncho Tsanev (Suzuki 2WD Proto), who finished on second place with more than 17 minutes passive. Daily top 3 was completed by another pilot from Nederland – Herman Jasper with Bowler. Bartlomiej Wajzer (Dacia) from Poland was the fastest in the car limited class.

In the Extreme race, which this time hadn’t actually extreme places on the track, Joel Purga beat his compatriot from Estonia Hardo Mere. Third time for the day was for Edward Ruszczyc (Land Rover) from Poland.

The penultimate day 4 of Balkan Offroad Rally will be in the region of high mountains close to the famous “Transalpina” road. The highest level the route will reach is 1850 m. On the race track there will be fast forest roads and narrow tracks with amazing panoramas. The track is partially rough and stony and, in the end, there are very fast gravel tracks in the valleys.

Fotografie: Actiongraphers, Paolo Baraldi & Mika Pietrus. Tekst: RBI.

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