Balkan Offroad Rally 2022 (Proloog)

Balkan Offroad Rally 2022, Qualifying stage: Polish invasion!

Balkan Offroad Rally 2022 started from the center of Sighisoara with official ceremony, watched by hundreds of local residents, and hosted by the authorities of the historical city. The 111 racing vehicles passed under the start arch and headed towards the very first timed section of this year’s race – the qualifying stage.

The track, 15,78 km long, offered the first real test of the terrain, that the competitors will face the next five days. The short special counted for the start list of Leg 1, but also as a part of the combined time of the offroad marathon.

In the car Cross-Country class, a lady stole the show. Magdalena Zajac from Poland (nr. 221, Toyota) claimed the stage win some 17 second in front of the Bulgarian Doncho Tsanev (nr. 208, Suzuki Proto). With only 4 seconds difference with the silver medalist of Balkan Offroad Rally, the daily podium was completed by the Dutch veteran Herman Jasper (nr. 202, Bowler).

The Polish domination continued also in the cars limited class, where Bartolomiej Wajzer (nr. 218, Dacia) overpassed his compatriot Gregorz Brochocki (nr. 216, Toyota).

The SSVs, which is the most crowded class, also offered daily win for a pilot from Poland – the well-known driver from the RBI events Maciej Stolarski (nr. 129). He finished 12 seconds in front of the French pilot Hugues Lacam (nr. 121). With 3rd time for the day was Kris Maennama from Estonia. As is often happen in those kinds of rallies, all the best drivers were with Can Am vehicles.

As for the bikes, it was Matthew Gird (Nr.2, KTM) who was the fastest. The pilot from South Africa got 27 seconds advance in front of the Polish rider Krzysztof Jarmuz (Nr. 32, KTM). Third for the day on the finish line was Laurynas Avyzius from Lithuania (Nr. 16, Husqvarna).

Poland was the triumphant country also in the ATV class, where the best three riders were from the host-country of Breslau Rally. Fastest was Marcin Wilkolek, followed by Ireneus Ostafin and Rafal Jawien. And it was also a triple win for Polaris Polska Racing Team.

In the Extreme category, it was the day for Estonia. With best time on the finish line was Hardo Mere with his unique HM7 Proto, followed by Joel Purga (Mulkland MOS1). Only 4 seconds behind was the multiple time winner of Balkan Offroad Frank Daurelle from France (Land Rover).

Leg 1 of Balkan Offroad Rally 2022 will offer 188 competitive kilometers for the Cross-Country category, divided on two special stages (106,47 and 81,55 km respectively). As for the Extreme cars, they will face only 54 kilometers timed section, but with a lot of extremes, where will be a hard work for the winches.

Fotografie: Actiongraphers, Mika Pietrus & Paolo Baraldi. Tekst: RBI.

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