Camel Trophy ‘reünie’

Een internationale ontmoeting van Camel Trophy deelnemers, liefhebbers etc. Vindt plaats in Portugal van 23 tot en met 25 april en wordt georganiseerd door Afonso Cerejo en de Camel Trophy Club Portugal.

Hier onder twee keer een schrijven van Afonso Cerejo van de organisatie.

Event for ALL Camel Trophy enthusiasts from all around the world.
No matter which vehicle, if you was involved or not on the official event, all are very welcome to participate. Join us to spend an excellent reunion with some of the legends of the event.

The promise has come true and the pandemic situation is on its way to provide us with a return to normal life and allow us to meet again in Portugal to bring together enthusiasts and former Camel Trophy participants from all over the world.
I have been in the field to check all the conditions and get the latest update information, as well as meet with the local authorities in order to ensure that everything will be possible to organize as we like.
And the Event will take place!
Dear Camel Trophy Clubs, if you haven’t already organized, you still have time to organize and book the trip to join us, please arrange with your members the train to be in Portugal next April to enjoy a fantastic meeting and travel.
Don’t forget the Convoy through the interior of Portugal after completion of the Event heading north towards Bragança.
Attached is a dossier with all the information.
Any questions or additional information, do not hesitate to ask.
Be welcome.
The organization will provide accommodation for former participants + foreign members of the Club in the 9 bungalows already reserved with 36 beds reserved for the organization.
Dear ex-participants and foreign members of the Club, please don’t be late and book your presence to enjoy the “gift” of the Camel Trophy Club Portugal.
IMPORTANT: No entry fee for all enthusiasts.
Only use of the Camping and meals charged by the Camping Camp Organization/Restaurant inside the Camping.

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