Rallye Breslau 2022, Leg 3, unexpected night fight

As Rallye Breslau 2022 entered its third and middle leg, the convoy of the race leaved Zagan and headed toward Drawsko Pomorskie where was set the second and last bivouac for this edition.

Onverwachte wendingen. In the menu, there were planned two special stages with start in the afternoon. However, due to some different reasons, the start of leg 3 was postponed (uitgesteld) and the first competitors entered the track after 20.00 o’clock in the evening. First of all, there were changes with the permission from the military authorities because the army’s activities in the polygons, were extended. There were also changes in the access regime for the bivouac and the training ground, as well as the difficulties in the movement of the assistant cars, plus blocking of some of the approaches in the area due to incorrectly parked vehicles of the assistance teams.

Gedeeltelijke inkrimping. All the aforementioned facts necessitated the postponement of the start and modification of the stage. Thus, the competitors from the two groups (GR1 bikes, quads, trucks and GR 2 cars/SSVs) drove only one selective section. The group of bikes, quads and trucks started the timed section “Pomierzyn” with 81,86 km against the clock, and the cars and buggies faced “Czertyn” stage, with little more than 83 competitive kilometers. Finally, the routes were separated for the CC and EX vehicles, and the extreme competitors were sent to the legendary swamps and holes in the Drawsko area, for a “night winching”.

Ontwikkelingen in de ATV klasse. We start with the ATV class, because the riders were the fastest in the mixed group. The daily win was claimed by Adomas Gancierius (CFMOTO) from Latvia, who stole 37 seconds to the Frenchman Gaetan Martinez (Can Am). Gancierius is now also provisional leader in the general standings.

Ontwikkelingen bij de motoren. on 2 wheels was the Dutch pilot Eduard Hillebrand (KTM), who made good fight with Michal Janaszek. Anyway, leader of the bike class after the first 3 legs is Bartlomiej Tabin (KTM) from Poland, who finished on 8th place during the day.

Ontwikkelingen in de SSV klasse. Michiel Becx with Arcane T3 won the stage in the SSV class, after claiming 57 second from his Dutch compatriot Kees Box (Can Am). Becx is still second in the overall, as the 7th place of his teammate Hans Weisbest to hold the best position in the general standings.

Cross Country klassen. As for the Cars Cross-Country, Urvo Mannama was once again perfect and after finish with the best time in the class, the Estonian pilot of Century C6 is leather in the provisional classification. Second for the day finished Rick Van Den Brink (Borgward DKR), but this position in the overall is for his fellow countryman Ronald Schoolderman (Mitsubishi). Finally, William Van Groningen with Iveco is holding the best time in the Truck cross-country class, as it does Steffen Braun (Unimog) in the Extreme Trucks group.

Extreme klasse. Speaking about Extreme, in the car class Hardo Mere took another stage victory. But it was not enough for him to catch up Romain Porcher (5th for the day), who is on top in the general standings, followed by Bartosz Puchowski (7th place on Leg 3). Mere holds the 3rd position.

Off-road nabije toekomst muziek. Leg 4 of Rallye Breslau 2022 will offer two special stages with total distance of almost 165 kilometers aga inst the clock. The competitors must keep in mind, that according the forecast, it might be rain in the field.

Tekst & fotografie: Rallye Breslau 2022.

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