Rallye Breslau 2022, Leg 4, the penultimate battle

The 4th and penultimate leg of Rallye Breslau 2022, saw the competitors prepared for two special stages around Drawsko Pomorskie. The length of the sections was respectively almost 68 and 98 competitive kilometers, and as a tradition in this year’s rally in Poland, the participants were divided in two groups. The bikes, quads and the trucks started with the exactly 67.53 km long Glebokie stage, and Group 2 with all the cars and SSVs faced the 97.35 km Jaworze section. After that, the groups drove respectively the other track in rotation.

Vochtige verwachtingen? The extreme category had once again their different parts from the stages, with mud holes and river crossings. The Cross-country category had their fast tracks, but combined with some heavier sections and tricky navigation points. The forecast was for a rainy day, which could make the things more difficult, but fortunately there wasn’t so many waters falling from the sky.

Info over de Cross-Country klasse. Starting with the Cross-Country category, the Century CR6 of Urvo Mannama was the fastest vehicle in the mixed group with the SSVs. The Estonian driver overpassed big group of buggies and is holding the lead in the car class. Second fastest was the SSV pilot Hans Weijs (Arcane T3) who claimed the win in his class.

Pools Polaris triootje… The ATVs were the fastest in the mixed group with the bikes, and occupied the daily podium. All of the quad riders were from Poland and with Polaris machines. The best one was Adam Krysiak, who stole 12 seconds from Rafal Jawien and minute and a half from Ireneusz Ostafin. The best biker was Mathew Gird, who crossed the finish line on 4th place in the mixed rankings.

Cross-Country klasse van de ‘zware jongens’. In the truck cross-country class, it was Aad Van Velsen with Scania, who made it best in the two racing sections. The Dutch beat his compatriot Marc Leeuw (Ginaf) with 6 minutes and the German Benjamin Kittler (KAT 1A) with some more 20 seconds.


Modderig intermezzo. Moving to the Extreme category, it was a French duel in the penultimate day of Breslau Rallye 2022. The battle was won by Benoit Bonnefoy (Mercedes Proto) who passed the muddy stage with 20 minutes in advance to Romain Porchere (Contrumental XR4). Third for the day was Joel Purga from Estonia (Mulkland MOS1).

Verbeten onderlinge strijd. In the truck class, we all saw duel between fellow countrymen – the German drivers Felix Muellenheim and Steffen Braun, both with Unimog vehicles from the “small” class. At the end, Muellenheim won the stage with little less than 4 minutes. The 3rd truck on the finish – the Ginaf of Henri Verhoeven (trucks>7.5t), had more than 40 minutes passive.

‘Zware’ nabije toekomst muziek… Late in the evening started the famous Night stage of Breslau with around 60 kilometers against the clock. After, the competitors will not have so much time for sleep, because in the morning starts the last stage of this year’s race. The track will be 70 km for the bikes, quads and trucks, and this for the cars and SSVs will offer 79.5 competitive kilometers. And early in the afternoon we will see the new crowned winners of the Europe’s biggest offroad rally.

Fotografie: Andrius Laucius & Rallye Breslau 2022. Tekst: Rallye Breslau 2022.

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